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Our History



Since its establishment in 1972 in Yogyakarta and the inauguration in April 1982, RAPI FURNITURE kept trying to position itself as Indonesia's furniture industry. Developments as RAPI FURNITURE, meubel manufacturing company going very fast.


      In this way, the Company has equipped with latest technology machinery such as : automatic sawmill machines, dryers modern technology (High Frequent Vacuum Dryer), Dust-Free Spray Booth, machines & laser-cut based CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled), and other modern infrastructure supporting progress.

      With a well-organized factory system and equipped with advanced facilities and supported by professionals in the field of Furniture, RAPI FURNITURE committed could well serve requests made hardwood furniture (Solid Wood), MDF, and furniture made of metal (Metal Furniture)


            The Company continues to develop innovative furniture products for various purposes, such as Hotel, Apartment, Condotel / Condominium, Home & Office furniture and needs special ordered by the professional designers.


      RAPI Furniture products are not only intended to meet the needs of the national furniture, but have also been marketed to various countries of the world, such as Europe, China, USA, Canada, and also some Middle Eastern countries.


      RAPI Furniture has also been qualified as the slogan Indonesian furniture industry LEGAL Wood, to have met the requirements of Timber Legality Verification, by the numbers: 00 122-LVLK-02-IDN


Vision & Mission

  • Vision

Continue to improve the knowledge production process by creating a low-cost premium-result. RAPI Interior Furniture become a trusted manufacturer and elected to become a partner in scale residence, condotel, hospitality.

Provide new ideas of interior for all interested parties create comfort living and nice looking.

  • Mission


Always put the latest product design trends to the bottom, middle or top.

Be partner with the Retail, designer, owner of the men-supply interior furniture products. Opens world wide service to help architects or design products provide ideas and ideas.


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